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What is Social Boston Sports?

Social Boston Sports is a rapidly growing sport and social community in Boston of over 35,000 awesome young professionals. We run traditional sports leagues, new and obscure sports, white water rafting trips, ski trips, and parties like New Year’s Eve and Halloween. If there is something fun going on Boston, it’s likely that we had something to do with it.

We work hard and play hard. We love doing what we do and come to work each day with unique enthusiasm.

Our “Corporate” Culture

As Social Boston Sports continues to evolve; we are committed to building a top-notch team. We’re a group of passionate, entrepreneurial, self-starters dedicated to making Social Boston Sports the #1 source for entertainment, fitness, and fun in Boston. Since we are a start-up, having a laid back, but hard working environment is paramount to us. Bring energy, creativity, a hard work ethic, and a sense of humor, and you’ll fit right in.

Take a look at this video for a great glimpse into what it’s like day to day to be part of the team.

Check out our full time, part time and volunteer positions below!

Want to join the SBS Referee team? We’re always looking for great and passionate people to join our team as a referee!

Apply Today

Deadlines are ongoing.

Your Role: Manage and officiate Social Boston Sports leagues.


  • Communicate with SBS office regarding any equipment, rule issues, player issues, etc.
  • Ensure a fun, social and fair environment for all players
  • Understand and kindly and fairly enforce each sport’s rules
  • Update league scores
  • Communicate league information to players
  • Promote our sponsors and other events


  • Fun loving and personable – able to talk to anyone!
  • refereesEager to learn
  • Have played the sport before
  • Able to meet once per month for training
  • Able to commit to seven week seasons
  • Carpe Diem type attitude
  • Must have reliable transportation to and from field locations
  • Prior referee experience a plus, but not required
  • Being an active member of SBS is a plus, too!


  • $20/hour with bonus incentives
  • Discounts on SBS leagues and adventure trips
  • Free entry to SBS parties
  • Become the face of SBS
  • Meet thousands of new awesome people
  • Perks from our sponsors


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Want to join the SBS Brand Ambassador team? We’re currently accepting applications!

Click here to fill out an application. Deadlines are ongoing.

Role: Represent Social Boston Sports at events, parties, missions and adventure trips to help create a welcoming and fun environment for the SBS brand ambassadorsSBS community and spread the word about SBS throughout Boston.


  • Must be 21+ to apply
  • Understand and represent the SBS brand on and off the job
  • Learn and understand our sponsors and represent them accordingly
  • Help in the set-up, breakdown and overall execution of various events
  • Spread the word about SBS in and around Boston
  • Attend bi-monthly team meetings.


  • Outgoing personality
  • Comfortable communicating with strangers
  • Working knowledge of Boston
  • Have a passion for grassroots marketing
  • Past leadership and organization experience is a plus
  • Adventurous
  • Outgoing
  • Responsible
  • Passionate about the SBS brand
  • Access to a car is a plus
  • 21+


  • $15/hour* (some event payment structures vary)
  • Discounts on leagues and trips
  • Free events and parties*
  • Perks from our sponsors
  • Face of the company
  • Networking and meeting new people

We’re looking for photographers to join our team!

Click here to fill out an application. Deadlines are ongoing.

Your Role: SBS sports league and event photographer


  • Take approx. 70-90 quality photos during championship nights of SBS sports leagues, including post-game celebrations at the bar
  • Option to photograph SBS events and parties
  • Upload photos to SBS cloud storage
  • Transport trophy and championship shirts to/from leagues
  • Represent the SBS brand


  • Provide your own equipment that includes, but not limited to:
    • Camera body
    • Various lenses (zoom lense and low aperture lense a plus)
  • Enjoy taking photos
  • Fun loving and able to talk to anyone!
  • Carpe Diem type attitude
  • Reliable transportation to and from field locations
  • Participated in an SBS sport or event
  • Being an active member of SBS is a plus!


  • $20/hour
  • Perks from our sponsors
  • Meet tons of new people
  • Build your portfolio
  • Photographers are given credit on Facebook albums when photos are posted

Interested in becoming an SBS blogger? Email Maggie at to request an application!

Your Role: Contribute content to the SBS blog


  • Attend one conference call meeting per month
  • Meet all agreed upon deadlines
  • Provide interesting, creating and engaging content
  • Adhere to SBS best practice for social media and SEO optimization


  • Past writing experience and samples to share with us
  • Accountable
  • Comfortable pushing the envelope
  • Working knowledge of Boston
  • Participated in an SBS sport or event
  • Responsible


  • Discounts on SBS leagues and adventure trips
  • Ability to build your online portfolio
  • Exposure to the SBS community
  • Perks from our sponsors

We are looking from within the SBS community for anyone with a love for clever word play, pop culture memes, or photoshopping 90’s nostalgia into sport-specific puns! But actually.

We have built a Facebook group, and we aim to fill it with silly SBS’ers that lust for the mighty power of influencing what ends up on the back of our league t-shirts. A social brain trust of sorts. We want it to be collaborative and fun! If this sounds like something you’re interested in, join here.

Introducing, the SBS “Secret Player Program”!secretplayer_insta

Want to help us improve our leagues and earn free registration while you’re at it? Apply before January 1, 2017, for the chance to join our brand new “Secret Player” program. You’ll join a league, complete a short league report form, and receive a free league once you submit the form!

We’re looking for people new to SBS, those who have only played a few leagues and those who are frequent players. Please email if you have any questions regarding the program.

Apply here!

Contact Us


119 Braintree Street

Boston, MA 02134