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How SBS Can Help Your Company – Boston Corporate Event Planning

“An excellent team is made up of excellent team players.” – Nancy Katz

With over 10 years experience connecting young professionals through sports and events, we have grown into a driving force to make Boston a happier, exciting and more productive place. Naturally, our sports and events have sparked relationships to last a lifetime. Strangers who may have never crossed paths are now business partners, best friends and soul mates.

In the workplace, we feel it is equally as important to garner those same relationships. Studies show that a more connected and engaged workplace ultimately yields a more productive company. Because of this, SBS provides Boston corporate event planning services to organizations of all sizes. Whether you want to encourage your employees to join a league, you want a custom field day, or you’re looking us to bring SBS leagues to your companies campus, we can do it all.

Discover how to better engage your employees through any of our corporate event planning services and leave the details up to us. Below are a few of the options we have for corporate events and corporate event planning. Have something else in mind? Let us know!

Social Boston Sports offers full-service, customizable corporate events to companies throughout greater Boston and beyond! 

SBS specializes in Boston corporate event planning by creating large, custom events including tournaments, field days and more.

Tournaments: Compete with your office for a fun day of friendly boston corporate event planningcompetition! Choose your sport(s) and we’ll handle the rest!

Field Day: One of our most popular options. Enjoy an afternoon of lawn games and activities that your entire team will love. Let us know what games you’re looking and what your staff loves, and we’ll bring the fun.

Social Events: Let us handle planning your next company party! SBS takes care of securing venues through our ever-growing list of partners and you can choose to add any of our activities, games, referees, photographers and more.

Custom: Have something else in mind? Contact us today to get started planning your custom corporate event! 

SBS can provide the following:

  • Equipment and games
  • Referees
  • Assistance with venue procurement
  • Bracket setup and management
  • Event logistics
  • Photographer
  • Catering
  • Post-event bar or restaurant reservations

Begin building your event below:

Have most of the details covered and just need some help running your companies event?

SBS offers vendor services to you and your company through sport equipment and game rentals, staffing and referees!

Vendor services start at $500. rb5spotsbs

SBS can provide the following:

  • Equipment and games
  • Referees
  • Bracket setup and management
  • Event staff


SBS offers customized services to create company teams in any of our sports leagues. We make signing up seamless and straight forward. We can even customize our payment options to fit what works for your office so it’s easier to get your co-workers on the field.

Option 1: Sign up a single team or multiple teams in existing SBS sports league.

Option 2: Create an entire league made up of teams from your company.

Begin building your team below:

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