The Best Spectacle in Sports – March Madness

The Best Spectacle in Sports – March Madness

Some say the best two words in sports are “Game 7.” I’m here to state “March Madness” is the best two words in sports. It’s essentially 55 game 7’s over two and a half weeks. 10 days of win or go home games where dreams materialize and others shatter. There’s truly nothing like it in sports.

The tournament steals the attention of the entire country, especially the first weekend. There are 48 games in 4 days. It’s Heaven on Earth for all basketball fans. The days leading up to the tournament the whole office is talking about their bracket and how this is the year they win the pool and bring home the money. The Monday after the first weekend of games everyone is talking about all the upsets that happened. If a big upset happened you best believe anyone who picked it is going to let you know that they picked the 14 seed over 3 seed. It doesn’t matter that the rest of their bracket is a dumpster fire they’ll brag about that one pick all day.

There are things you get in March Madness that you just don’t get in the NBA game. The passion and intensity the kids play with is something rarely seen in the NBA, even in the playoffs. A full court press or a zone trap defensive scheme implemented for an entire game. A 2-3 zone, one of the first things you learn in basketball as a child, becoming the downfallct-loyola-s-sister-jean-20180215-012 of a great team. The little kids in the stands or members of the band shedding tears because the season is over. The “One Shining Moment” video being played after the conclusion of the championship game is the perfect ending to the tourney. If you don’t get goosebumps during that video you need to get your pulse checked. Oh, and you might even get a 98-year-old nun to become an overnight sensation.

The uncertainty of the whole tournament is the biggest draw of all. The NBA is great and has the best athletes in the world playing in it. However, every year, before the season starts, you pretty much know who the last four teams standing are going to be and it’s almost a fact that one of those 4 teams will be the ones raising the Larry O’Brien trophy in June as world champions.

The college game is a whole other animal. You can watch all the games all season long and when the bracket comes it’s pretty much a crap shoot for who’s in the Final Four.  Upsets run rampant in the tourney and always make for the best storylines. This year we extra special with the first 16 seed to take down a 1 seed in tournament history! umbc-celebration-getty-031618-ftr_1q2tirmx3ubuc1vbfkefjdn44h

The fact that you can pick a bracket based off of mascots or team colors and have a legitimate chance at winning your pool, while ridiculous, is incredible at the same time.

While there are some amazing sports spectacles like the Super Bowl, Olympics, and World Cup just to name a few March Madness from beginning to end stands as the best among them all.