We are excited to announce that starting Winter 2019, all Social Boston Sports – Volo City leagues will be accepting registration through our new platform, Rivall.

Why We LOVE Rivall

  • It’s quick and easy to find your leagues using the Discovery Map
  • Creating your account takes 1 minute!
  • Seamless registration process: information saved for future sign ups!
  • Easy Team Communication
  • Sign up a whole team in one click!
  • New APP coming soon!


In order to register for our Winter season, you may have to create a new account through Rivall. Making a new account should be very quick and easy, and you will still be able to sign up as a free agent, small group, full team or corporate team! If you run into any issues, please reach out to sports@socialbostonsports.com for assistance.


Using Rivall

What is Rivall?

Rivall is software platform that helps people join local leagues and events. Once you join a league, Rivall is your destination for schedules, updates, team communications, and more. Soon, Rivall will also have a mobile app so everything you need is in your pocket.


Where do I find my league’s contact information?

A league’s contact information can be found on your My Leagues page. Go to My Leagues and then click on the league. In the League Information section, you’ll see a phone number and/or email beneath Have Questions?



Can I register on my own?

Of course! You’ll get assigned to a team before the league begins. It’s super common and a great way to meet people.


Can I register with just one or two friends?

Definitely. When you register, choose the Register a Group option. Once you register, you’ll get a unique “Group Invitation Link” to share with friends. If your group is small, you’ll be merged with other players to create a full team, but you and your friends are guaranteed to stay together.


What’s the difference between a group and a team?

Groups are used during registration to make sure you and your friends get on the same team, whether you’re in a group of 2 or 100 friends. If your group reaches the minimum team size for your league, it becomes a team. If not, you and your friends stay together and are merged with others to make a full team.

To start a new group, visit the league registration page and select Register a Group. When you finish registering, you’ll become the first group member and get a unique Invitation Link to share with friends. Friends who register with that link are automatically added to your group.


I already registered individually but want to play with a friend. How do we make sure we’ve been put the same team?

Reach out to your league contact and they can ensure you and your friend get in the same group.


I’m trying to join my friend’s group. How can I do that?

To join a group, you need that group’s unique Invitation Link. If registration is still open, any current member of the group can find the link under My Leagues.


I want to organize a team on behalf of a club/company/organization. Is that possible?

Yes! Rivall has the option of reserving a full team for a flat rate, called a Company Team. You’ll get a unique Invitation Link to share with coworkers. All they need to register is a password of your choosing – no individual payments necessary.

To see if a league offers Company Teams, visit the Discover page, choose a league, and click View Details. Beneath the two main registration buttons, you will see the message: Creating a team for your company or club? Click here. Follow that URL.

If you don’t see that message, the league host may have chosen to not offer Company Teams. Reach out to the league contact to see if they can help.


After Registration

I’m the captain of a group/team. What does that mean?

The role of captain varies from team to team, and what you do is ultimately up to you. Usually the captain assumes responsibility for recruiting teammates during registration, and then making sure teammates arrive on time when the league starts. Depending on the league, you may have other roles such as calling the coin toss.

If you want to change your team captain, reach out to your league contact.


Where is my team/schedule?

After registration closes, the league host still needs to finalize teams, order jerseys, and release the schedule. As soon as they’re ready, you will see your team and schedule under My Leagues. This should happen before the first week of the league, at the latest. If you have concerns, reach out to your league contact.