Get Ready For Your SBS Football League at BSC!

We hung out with Demarco Crum, a Personal Trainer at BSC Wellington to help Maddy prepare for her upcoming football league! Watch the video or read below to learn what exercises can help you improve your skills on the football field this season. Book a training session at your neighborhood Boston Sports Club to take your training to the next level.

Perform Sled Sprints on the turf at BSC to improve your speed and ability to make big plays!  Dust the competition on the football field by creating separation and opening up opportunities for your team to conquer.

When it comes down to making a difference on the football field, lateral quickness and explosiveness are essential.  Lateral single leg box jumps will help you laterally outmaneuver your opponents on the field.  This is critical for running backs, tight ends and receivers to punch through the defense and into the end zone.   

Strength is the most important physical attribute to any athlete, regardless of sport. Before focusing on skills, speed, explosiveness, a football player should have a foundation of strength. On the football field, strong legs will give you the power to run explosively and make big plays on the ball. Goblet Box Squats will give you the lower body strength to step up and dominate the competition!   

Do you workout at BSC Wellington? Make sure to say hi to Demarco next time and even schedule a session!  Demarco is a personal trainer, blogger, lifter, lifelong Batman fan, comic book nerd and avid dog lover. Ask him about his “Honey Bear” Nano and he’ll show you the thousands of photos he has of her.   

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