DodgeballFor ten years, Social Boston Sports has been bringing people from all over Boston together.  Whether it is at one of our leagues, on a ski trip, or a bar crawl, we have been forging friendships between people that had never previously met.  Sometimes, these bonds explode into something more; love.  On this Valentine’s Day, we celebrate the love of those members that met through Social Boston Sports or have used our community as a vehicle for their relationship.

Adam Muse & Kerri Hart-Morris

Adam and Kerri  met at in the fall of 2012 at dodgeball at Together in Motion, a season where they both registered as free agents. “I was on Free Agents Team 1 and Adam was on Free Agents Team 2. We met when our teams were mingling at the sponsor bar, and a few months later went on our first date! Kerri eventually joined Adam’s team, and we still play together five years later. Oh, and did we mention we’re getting married?! Neither of us ever expected to meet our life partner through a social dodgeball league, but we’re grateful we did. We also met many lifelong friends through dodgeball. Thanks SBS for bringing us together!”

Stephen Decker & Amanda Natale

SmartSelectImage_2018-02-13-13-14-37 (1)Decker and Amanda met at dodgeball at Together in Motion just over six years ago. “He was playing with a work team that was constantly short on girls, and I was playing with a group of friends I had also met through dodgeball. Stephen and I got to talking, and he’d seek me out whenever they needed girls. We became friends and began seeing each other outside of dodgeball, as we had a few mutual friends. However, we were both dating other people. Then, in early September my boyfriend and I unexpectedly broke up. The next day Stephen needed a ride as he was moving from Allston to Somerville so I offered him one. He asked about my ex and I broke down. He took me to dinner that night and continued to check on me throughout the week. We started hanging out regularly, having movie nights (since he said my movie knowledge was seriously slacking). In October I tried to set him up with a friend but soon realized I was starting to develop feelings for him. Then in November, after losing in dodgeball finals on a night he was certain he’d get his championship, I consoled him at the bar and then drove him home. That’s when he made his first move and kissed me. The rest, as they say, is history. We’ve been dating for six years, bought a house almost three years ago, and got a dog two years ago. I’m sure a ring is right around the corner ;)”

Jason Pak & Lauren (Perreault) Pak

image2Jason and Lauren have been owning the SBS flag football gridiron for years, leading “The Achievers” to victory season after season.  “We met freshman year of college at Northeastern, where we started playing intramural flag football together! 10 years later, we found out our SBS flag football playoffs would be the day after our wedding day! Since football has always been a part of our relationship, neither of us could imagine missing our games, so we planned to leave for our honeymoon on Monday instead of Sunday, so we could hopefully secure a championship as a final wedding gift! Unfortunately, since our whole team team was at the wedding and we were all a bit tired and hungover to say the least, we didn’t win, but it was still worth coming back for!”

Andrew Zappala & Bridget Macke

image1Bridget and Andrew have both been playing in SBS leagues since 2013, but in 2016 these two crossed paths at dodgeball.  “He was a boy. She was a girl. Can I make it any more obvious? He was Elite. She was okay. What more can I say?

You might not think of dodgeball as a sport that lends itself well to love, but that’s exactly what happened for these two SBSers. Bridget and Andrew began as friends back in 2016 while he was reffing dodgeball Wednesday nights and Bridget was playing on a team. Their friendship grew into more after Andrew convinced Bridget to move her team to a different night so he could play on her team instead. By the end of the season, it was a done deal.”

Becky Damon & Andrew Casimiro

IMG-4942Becky and Andrew  had played a few seasons of dodgeball at Together in Motion before being linked on the same team in a draft season. “Both of us had been playing dodgeball for a little while when we were each drafted onto House Lannister for the Game of Thrones dodgeball draft season. Despite having each played dodgeball for over a year, we had somehow never met before. We clicked pretty instantly, and fortunately we had a good excuse to hang out outside of dodgeball with both of our birthdays coming up shortly after the season started. We went to The Burren for Becky’s birthday with other dodgeball friends and danced together. Four days later on Andrew’s birthday, we went on our first date to Redbones. Now it’s almost three years later, and we moved into an apartment together last September.”

Michelle Siegal & Vance Huntoon

24991142_10111020061909443_4254272881332051582_nBoth Vance and Michelle have been playing in SBS leagues for years, but they clicked further down the road. “We met about four and a half years ago when Jeremy Denham created the first Skiba team.  All of a sudden we went from being virtual strangers to being part of a very close-knit team.  We would talk pretty much every day.  Over the course of about a year, we became really great friends.  Then I needed a date for a wedding up in Vermont (a dodgeball wedding, of course).  Vance happily obliged and sparks flew.  Here we are today, gearing up for our very own dodgeball wedding.  We play dodgeball together three nights a week.  While we have wound up playing against each other from time to time, we seem to have the most fun (and championships) when we play together.

Ben Baldwin & Abbie (Stern) Baldwin

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 2.26.17 PMBen and Abbie maybe our longest tenured duo that met at one of our leagues, meeting seven years ago! “I joined SBS in 2011 ( I think) after a pickup dodgeball night for another players birthday who I went to grad school with. I ended up making a team of my grad, college and high school friends and the Butterfingers were born after a short stint as sandstorm (darn shirt color). In the winter of 2012 a team of free agents started to hang out with us on the sidelines and at the bar and I thought their player Ben was cute and played well so we started to recruit him over beers.  Non SBS people always ask if we hit each other in the face when they hear the story and find out we were initially on opposing teams. After a few weeks I asked him out but he was already seeing someone at the time. Luckily he called to say he was free and interested in a date after a little time passed right before I graduated in May. After a summer romance Ben asked if I would drive across country with him as he drove to grad school in California and after two weeks in the car traveling through national parks we were hooked!”

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