Hello SBSers!

I’m excited to announce that Social Boston Sports has merged with Volo City. Since starting SBS in 2007 we’ve grown the SBS community from a few hundred friends to over 35,000 incredible and now we are joining a national community of equally awesome people!
Volo City was started in Baltimore back in 2010 with a few bocce leagues and since then they’ve grown into providing some of the leagues and events throughout the country including in NYC, Denver, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Seattle, Charleston, and now Boston.

With this announcement, we only have good news to share and you may have already begun to see the positive impacts coming your way.
Additional benefits for you:

  • Better quality leagues with new improvements to each sport
  • Same awesome team dedicated to bringing you the best on and off-field experiences
  • Additional resources to help us continue to serve you the best we can
  • New large-scale events coming this year!
  • We’re launching a free kids league in 2018 with the Volo City Kids Foundation
  • A portion of all your league fees now go to fund free kids leagues for deserving kids throughout the city

The biggest impact you’ll see is the incredible opportunity for all of you to get involved with and help the Volo City Kids Foundation. Volo City Kids provides children with an opportunity to learn, practice and play a variety of sports in a fun, but structured environment at no cost to their families.
Each time you register for an SBS league, you’re helping to make sure a child can play in their sports league, for free! You can proudly wear the new league shirts which say “We Play So Kids Play For Free” on the back and we’ll need your help volunteering and making these leagues happen in Boston, so be on the lookout for more exciting opportunities to get involved and give back.
We’re beyond excited to be joining the Volo City family and can’t wait to continue what has been an amazing journey with all of you. Please feel free to reach out to any of us on the SBS team if you have any questions or want to help bring the Volo City Kids leagues to life here in Boston.
Co-Founder and President
Social Boston Sports

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