Today is the day, friends, the LAST DAY to register for the third annual Kickin’ It With Santa tournament! Still undecided as to whether you should spend your Saturday with the jolliest bunch around? Here are five reasons why you should stop beating around the holiday bush and sign up today.

  1. It’s time to (literally) kick off the holiday season! Kickin’ It With Santa is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with players from kickball seasons’ past or start anew. Get festive with your friends, new or old!

  1. What better way to get in the holiday spirit than with a postgame winter bash?! All tournament players receive FREE party bus ride and FREE ENTRY into the Winter Players Party at Social Register!


  1. We know you are dying to show off the holiday onesie you purchased weeks ago, or the trusty Walmart sweater special (no shame). Dress to impress and compete in the solo or group COSTUME CONTEST!

  1. No holiday swag? No problem. We got you covered with FREE T-SHIRTS for each player. Sport your Santa shirt for the rest of your holiday parties, we won’t tell anyone.

  1. Don’t be a Grinch, Scrooge, or any other holiday curmudgeon this season. Come “Sleigh” your Saturday with Social Boston Sports!

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