Every day at Social Boston Sports we are trying to provide your our fellow SBS-ers with as much fun as possible on and off the field with our leagues and events throughout Boston.
In 2016 we will have had over 22k players play in our 320 leagues throughout the Boston metro area. On any given week we had an average of 4,500 players playing in our leagues. The majority of us have grown up playing in sports leagues all of our lives and enjoying recess as an elementary school child. Think about that. The enjoyment you get from playing in leagues today most likely began with your youth sports program your Mom or Dad signed you up for back in the day and/or recess. Recess has played a huge role in shaping you into the amazing well-rounded person you are today. It’s something you probably have taken for granted or maybe just expected to be a part of today’s school experience.

Unfortunately, today, recess is an endangered school program at many low income schools.

Understaffed, underfunded schools are having hard times justifying the continuance of recess. Without the proper resources, recess can actually cause more problems after recess, becoming a hindrance rather than a benefit to school education.
We are proud to partner with Playworks to help them use the power of play to improve the 20,000 students they serve in the Boston area. We need your help, though.
This past year, 2016, we were able to successfully raise $10,472. This year our goal is to raise $30,000. With your help, this is extremely possible. Let’s break it down.
If all 22,000 of you SBS-ers all pitch in $1.36 we will hit our goal. Pitch in $2 and we’ll exceed our goal and raise $44,000! Broaden the circle to all of you who join us at our parties, trips and other social events and that’s a total of 35,000. Everyone would only have to donate 85 cents. If we all gave up one $5 beer and donated that $5 to Playworks, we’d crush our goal and raise $175,000.
You can either support online here or support Playworks at one of our events this year. Join us at one of our upcoming Players Parties where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Playworks. You can also donate your time with Playworks by becoming a volunteer.
We are also supporting their 5K Run For Recess which will take place on May 20th at Franklin Park Playstead Field. Sign up here: https://donate.playworks.org/dorchester/events/8th-annual-playworks-run-for-recess/e114648
Check out all these events here throughout the year.
Together, let’s help Playworks provide more fun to even more children who need recess in their lives!
Thank you,
Justin Obey
President, Social Boston Sports

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