Free Agents. Those brave, beautiful souls that sign up, not with a full team of their friends, but by themselves! To try and meet some new friends! If you’ve never played a season as a Free Agent, you should. It will test your social skills, encourage you to put yourself out there, and truly find yourself. Well, if not yourself, you might at least find your BFF or a love interest. It is a seven-week bonding experience with a built in ice-breaker. “Oh you’re on Free Agents 3 too? Cool, I’m Kate, what’s your name?” Boom. Ice. Broken. One way to tell if a Free Agent team is really clicking is if they come up with a fun team name together. The following is a list of some of our favorites Free Agent team name change requests that we’ve seen.

Plays on the words “Free” and “Agents”

Agents of Freedom
Oh, I see what you did there. Much more badass. Carry on.
Picture1Secret Agents
Very James Bond / Austin Powers of you.
Fwee Asians Wong
This is one of our favorite team names ever. Full disclosure: they signed up as a team and not as free agents, but it still needs to make this list.

Working your team shirt color into the mix

Purple Reign
24k Ballerz
Ballers is a constant team surname, but for a Free Agent team with Gold shirts, this one wins.
Green Monstahs
Matt and Ben would approve, kehd.

Finding something you all have in common

White Walkers
The new GoT season premieres this June making this a nice topical summer sport team name if you’ve been given white shirts. No one watches GoT on the team? You could organize a team tie-dye sesh for some next level team bonding.
Free Agents F.C.
You signed up to play some soccer. Makes sense that a love of soccer is what you all have in common. Keep it simple and classy and just throw the F.C. at the end.
Free Agent Team 5_Monday South End BasketballGood Will Bunting, Fresh Prince of Ball Air, or Fantastic Balls and Where to Dodge Them
Point here is that whether it’s a movie, 90s tv show, or book that you all have in common, you can turn it into a sport specific team name. Figuring out what interest you all have in common is half the fun.
Fast Fact: 11,320 Free Agents have registered to play in our leagues since 2011.

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