Last year at this time, every Thursday, I’d get an email from A-Mac saying that the latest Start Em, Sit Em’s blog post was ready to go. Fast forward to now, and he’s doing the same thing…except from across the desk! A-Mac joined our full-time team earlier this year and aside from all the other things he does every day to make your sports leagues happen, I was particularly happy to be bringing our self proclaimed “fantasy football guru,” in-house!
With that said, I’ve always considered A-Mac and GOAT our experts, but have never personally tested out their advice. So, this weekend, just for kicks, I put them to the test via DraftKings. I had some help getting myself setup, and my unfamiliarity with how to do daily fantasy sports was evident but any who, here were the rules I followed.
(And, yes A-Mac and GOAT write their blog posts for people playing in full fantasy football leagues, not daily fantasy, so take that into consideration as you’re reading…)

  1. Every lineup had to include any and all of A-Mac and GOAT’s Start Em’s that I could fit on a team.
  2. With the empty spots I had left, I filled in with whoever’s name I liked the most, while avoiding all of their Sit Em’s.

Simple as that. So, here were both of my teams…

Team 1 Roster
QB: Cam Newton
RB: I. Crowell
WR: K. Benjamin
WR: J. Crowder
WR: J. Edelman
TE: D. Pitta
FL: J. Jones
DS: Cardinals
Team 2 Roster
QB: Cam Newton
RB: I. Crowell
WR: D. Hopkins
WR: J. Crowder
WR: D. Thomas
TE: D. Pitta
FL: E. Elliot
DS: Cardinals

Here’s what happened….
Truth be told, after I set my lineups and games started, I didn’t even think to check on my teams until about 1:30pm on Sunday afternoon. My interest piqued and I checked two more times that night each time, I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw….

1:30pm – up $40
5:00pm – up $74
8:00pm – up $47

All in all, not so bad!
A small investment turned into $74, at one point! But, then things started to decline…quickly. I saw my $47 slowly but surely disappearing. Any progress my players had made during the day, must have been destroyed by the high performers in the Sunday night game.

Monday morning, I woke up to this nice notification from Draft Kings, congratulating me on my $5 earnings from the day. Despite a huge difference from 5pm on Sunday, I have to say – A-Mac and GOAT’s Start Em, Sit Em’s did me pretty good! Thanks guys, we’ll split the $5. Cool?

Post written by Maggie Walsh
Maggie Walsh
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