We started SBS to bring awesome people together and make life here in Boston better be allowing our fellow “young professionals” the chance to live life to the fullest.
SBS is not a dating service or company focused on creating romantic pairings. To do so would be weird, awkward, and ruin the whole experience.image2
However, because we’re bringing awesome people together all the time (over 5,000 players play in an SBS league every week), love happens from time to time.
Specifically, we’ve had over 46 weddings come out of SBS over the years. We are thrilled to hear our latest story! Huge congratulations to Amanda and Ryan Lamar on their recent nuptials and thank you to Amanda for sharing!

From Amanda, “My now husband and I met playing kickball in your Lincoln Park league about 3 and half years ago. We were playing against each other on the two best teams in that league and became rivals. We met at the Thirsty Scholar after a championship game and exchanged numbers. Well, thanks to you guys and kickball, we got married last weekend! This was our photo prop at the ceremony. Now we play on the same team, cuts down on arguments that way.”

We wish you both the best life together and many more championship wins together as well (now that you’re playing on the same team). Cheers!

Post written by Justin Obey

Justin Obey

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